Shimokitazawa is similar to Shanghai’s Tianzifang – Yu-san

Hello everyone, I'm a student from Shanghai studying at the WaYo Japanese Language School. My name is Yu Sheng. It's been two months since I came to Japan and I really like it here. The school is located in Shimokitazawa, which I am familiar with since it reminds me of Tianzifang in Shanghai. Both are streets composed of many culturally-rich small shops with various cultural elements and are very clean and tidy. Among them, my favorite shop is a movie-related goods store in the Honda Theatre. They have many small things I've never seen before, and I visit almost every week.

In my interactions with Japanese people, I find them polite and orderly, just as I expected. I am also a person who values order and so I quickly adapted to life here.

I am very satisfied with the school, especially with the dedication of the teachers, which exceeds my expectations. Whenever I ask them a question, they always answer me in great detail, even explaining why a word has different kanji spellings and how to use it properly. Even for less common words, the teachers will give me a detailed explanation. I am very happy to be learning Japanese here.

During my free time, I study Japanese and exercise at home. I currently really like Japan and my own school.
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