We Participated in the JaLSa Higher Education Fair – From the Head of Academic Affairs

At the end of November, we attended the JaLSA Higher Education Fair. The “JaLSA Higher Education Fair” is an event where university and vocational school teachers exchange information with Japanese language school teachers. Every year, many universities and vocational schools participate. This year, 41 universities and vocational schools gathered and were able to exchange information. We were able to obtain various information, such as matters related to this year’s entrance exams (application status, exam preparation), and the characteristics of each school.

The most important thing to succeed in advancing to a university or vocational school is “your hard work.” Having a goal and striving to achieve it determines whether you can be accepted into your desired school or not. It all depends on you!

And as Japanese language teachers, we are here to support “your hard work.” We want to collect information from various schools and provide it to all of our students. We will continue to make efforts to help connect “your hard work” to your future.

All of the faculty and staff at WAYO Japanese Language School would like to continue making various efforts so that everyone can walk the path to their desired future. Please look forward to it!

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