Let’s get ready for higher education!

What is the picture above, everyone?
 The answer is ・・・・・ spring break homework assignment for the WAYO JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL.
 At WAYO Japanese Language school, we offer various measures to prepare students for higher education so that they can choose a career path that they will not regret.
 The first year in Japan is a period for students to study hard and improve their Japanese language skills.
 From the second year, students need to think about their career path about the further.
 During the spring break, students will analyze themselves and think carefully and slowly about their desired future.
During the spring break, we ask students to think carefully and deliberately about their desired future.
The key to success in higher education is whether or not you can think about your future and set goals for yourself at this time.
 Now, WAYO Japanese Language school’s students,once you have decided on your goals, do your best to do what you need to do “now” so that you will not regret it!

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