Today’s efforts for tomorrow’s glory

 I am sure you are aware that when you first come to Japan, there is still a big information gap about the entrance examination. Therefore, in order to provide you with a clear understanding of the examinations in a short period of time, this Wednesday morning, WAYO held an on-campus briefing session to provide a unique platform for our students to learn about various paths to higher education and to make informed decisions about their future.
 First of all, the teachers of the school firstly introduced the history of the entrance examination in Japan in three aspects: college selection, time planning, and initial preparation. For both university and graduate school students, the first and most important thing to do is to choose a major, especially for graduate school students to confirm whether they need to cross major examinations and to look for the specific subjects they need to study for their major. When choosing a school, it is also important to break the information gap and not limit yourself to schools within your known range, but to inquire, consult and search for more information to try to collect accurate information for the entrance examinations, and then narrow down the scope for the application according to your study level and future planning. The time of the examination process was explained, followed by a detailed introduction of the common book type materials that need to be prepared for each school and the submission process.
 Immediately afterwards, in order to get a more visual experience of the university classroom atmosphere, the teacher organized a group discussion in the form of a quiz game to simulate a university classroom, which was a relaxed and fun process. Through the simulation, our students will be able to work more actively towards their target colleges and pass their ideal colleges as soon as possible.
 At the end, the teacher also explained the necessary knowledge for future employment in Japan, visa types,employment timeline, etc., which was comprehensive and helped them to plan their future better.

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