Shimokitazawa CityWalk under Wayo’s first experience for new students in October.

After the opening ceremony in October, the new students of the school prepared for a unique Shimokitazawa exploration activity in order to experience the charm of Shimokitazawa, familiarize themselves with the surroundings of the school and make new friends.
The new students were divided into 12 groups, and each group was led by a Japanese teacher or a current student.The school also provided each new student with a 1,000 yen food allowance so that they could taste the various kinds of food at the Shimokitazawa Curry Festival . In addition, the event was held on a punch card basis, which made the event more interesting. Students and teachers had a joyful time. The event also had a final prize ‼ totaling 60,000 yen to top off the new life of the new students.

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