Aptitude school notification for 2023

WAYO Japanese Language School has received a notice from the Tokyo Immigration Bureau of Residency on October 14, 2022, that it has been continuously accredited as an accredited school since its opening, and we would like to announce this.

Difference between “Regular School” and “Non-Regular School”

  1. The maximum visa for a regular school is 2 years, while a non-regular school entrant can only stay for a short period of 6 months;
  2. If you apply to a school that is not a proper school, or a school in a country or region with a large number of illegal immigrants, the applicant’s documents will be scrutinized more strictly, and the number of necessary documents will be increased, so the risk of visa rejection is higher.
    In addition, for newly regulated schools, you cannot apply for a proper school right away, and it takes at least 1.5 years after the creation of the school before you can apply to the local immigration office.
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