Colorful Journey: Explore Doraemon World

On August 26th, the school organized a trip for 22 students to visit the Doraemon Museum, aiming to provide an opportunity to learn more about this popular anime character, as well as an experience full of learning and entertainment.

Filled with anticipation and curiosity, our 22 students assembled at Dendo Station for this long-awaited event. Everyone was full of enthusiasm and gathered early to prepare for the trip to the museum together. With the assembly complete, we rode the bus, laughing all the way to the Doraemon Museum. On the way, students exchanged their expectations of the museum and were full of love and interest in the classic anime character Doraemon.

Finally, we arrived at the entrance of the museum. The chic appearance of the museum attracted everyone’s attention, as if foretelling that there must be infinite excitement waiting for us inside. As soon as we entered the museum, the students were attracted by the exhibitions. From the evolution of Doraemon to various interesting props, the museum vividly showed the rich world of Doraemon. In addition to viewing the exhibits, the museum also provided an interactive experience area for students to participate in. They could interact with the props on display and take photos, as well as leave good memories in the simulated scenes. With the passage of time, the tour came to a successful end. Everyone returned home with a full load, not only taking away a deeper understanding of the world of Doraemon, but also harvesting unforgettable laughter.

The visit to the Doraemon Museum provided a special opportunity for students to experience the charm of this anime classic up close. Through the activity, it not only increased students’ knowledge of Doraemon, but also promoted communication and cooperation among students. We believe that this activity will become part of the students’ nice memories and will inspire a deeper interest in culture and art. We would like to thank all the students and staffs who participated in this event for making this unforgettable time together.

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