Explore Japan with Wayo: Officially Launched!

In this era of information overload, we are surrounded by global news every day, with students absorbing knowledge and information from all over the world like sponges.

In China, “卷” (competitive pressure) has become a new label for students, and “Burned out by competition, let’s go study abroad!” has become a reason for many to seek rest and escape.

In response to this reality, Wayo Japanese Language School has launched a new series of activities called “Explore Japan with Wayo.” This series aims to take students out of their textbooks and into the real Japan through short weekend trips, broadening their horizons and exploring the true meaning of studying abroad.

This series of activities is not just a simple trip; it is a dialogue of the soul, a journey of self-discovery.

Under the guidance of Heiyo, students will have the opportunity to explore Japan’s natural beauty and rich culture, from bustling cities to tranquil countryside. Each destination will deepen and expand their self-awareness.

This experience moves away from typical classroom learning, allowing students to answer various questions about studying and living abroad through hands-on experiences and field observations in a relaxed environment.

We encourage students in this era of abundant information to “reject labels, reject trends, and become unique individuals.” Every journey should not just be a geographical move but a leap of the heart and mind.

With Wayo’s support, students will learn how to find their own island in the sea of information and how to maintain their independent views amid others’ opinions.

In the “Explore Japan with Wayo” series, we are not only looking for external landscapes but also exploring the inner world. With each journey, students will discover the vastness of life, experience the joy of learning, and define their uniqueness, opening a new chapter in their study abroad journey in Japan.

Wayo Japanese Language School is dedicated to accompanying every student studying in Japan, helping them explore the real Japan and discover their true selves.

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